Is School Really Working for Your Child?

If your child is losing their love of learning or their spirit is being crushed by meaningless tests, the drudgery of homework, or abusive authority, how long can you pretend all is well? Schools are broken and falling further behind as the world changes more quickly than they can adapt.

Most of the “learning disabilities” diagnosed today are a direct product of a school system treating children like they are machines to passively absorb programming instead of active, living, creative beings with their own path to tread. A broken system saddles children with labels to mask its own failure and ineffectiveness, which they live with for the rest of their lives.

The problems even spill over from the classroom into home life. Parents are supposed to be enforcers on their behalf, frowning on poor grades and bribing them for good performance. Why should you spend your precious time with them nagging about homework? Or doing it for them?

School shouldn’t be a punishment – childhood isn’t a crime. A school’s job should be to adapt to your child’s learning needs, not to bend your child into the mold of an obedient, unthinking drone.

It’s time to try a place which nourishes children’s hungry minds and heals their energetic spirits.


The Muddy Schoolhouse ALC

The Muddy Schoolhouse ALC aims to be a K-8 agile learning center school for self directed learners.  Until we find a new site better situated to run a school from we are enjoying our time on Castle Street in Wilmington, NC.  For right now we have a beautiful open studio environment  that is rich in creative resources so our students are always inspired.  This artistically stimulating environment embraces choice & freedom along with collaboration between peers, teachers, and the local community.

We are going to be running ALC  open studio hours and hosting creative art classes for all ages this fall. Community classes like music and art storytimes, pottery,recycled art, and fiber arts like felting and knitting. These classes are offered by Muddy Muse Studio and it\’s creative and diverse staff of teaching artists.This is a unique studio, gallery and classroom where art making is always happening because we live and learn by the motto:

                        “What catches the eyes, inspires the hands.” 

"Where what catches the eyes, inspires the hands"

The structure  and length of the studio time offered allows for students, teachers, and parents to deeply engage with the world through their passions and strengths.In an Agile Learning Community  children have a voice and take an active role in building the kind of learning  community they want.  By harnessing powerful tools for self organization and cycles of intention, creation and reflection education is evolving with the 21st century and explosive learning is happening.  Please read through the site to learn more about what the Muddy Schoolhouse ALC has to offer.  or call with any questions!


We are also hosting a Parent Interest Night in September where you can come and meet our facilitators to learn more about us.




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